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UK’s LoveFilm is now Amazon Prime Instant Video
Hello from Louis CK

Hello from Louis CK

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Louis CK is changing the way entertainers distribute material to fans. He’s completely skipping the middle man and getting his content directly to consumers.

Louis CK sells his download-only specials for $5 on website.  Users can pay with PayPal, Amazon or Dwolla. Oh, plus it’s DRM-free, meaning you can copy it, use it on multiple devices, no restrictions.

And like all of Louis CK’s communication…

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5 Early Tech Predictions for 2015

5 Early Tech Predictions for 2015


Each year I make 5 tech predictions for the new year. This year I’m starting early. Let’s kick it off with these five key sectors.

5. Wearable Tech (Health Tech will lead the way)

4. Google+ Welcomed to Mainstream (and your parents)

3. Crowdsourced Everything (Can you Crowdsource-raise kids?)

2. Google Fiber and High-Speed Options for consumers

1. The Internet of Things (all devices talking to…

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